17 agosto 2011

Alpha Test di PSO2 il 18 agosto

Domani inizia l'alpha test di Phantasy Star Online 2 in Giappone. Credo che sia solo a inviti, quindi per il momento resisto e non mi metto a capire come fare per giocarci.

Qui ci sono un po' di info sul gioco.

  • You can now sheathe and unsheathe your weapon
  • While your weapon is sheathed, you may sprint for a currently unkown amount of time
  • You can now jump at will, which is also integrated into battle, such as comboing enemies in the air with a melee weapon, gaining a high ground advantage as a Ranger, or jumping onto a large enemy's back
  • Rolling returns, and no longer costs PP
  • Dashing makes an appearance in the game, which can be used to help create/lengthen melee combos
  • Interrupt events:
    -Event occurrence locations are not set in stone.
    -There are some rare events which can occur.
    -Due to the wide range of enemy levels you will encounter, expect drastic changes between difficulty levels.
    -Even if you fail an event by not meeting all of its conditions, you will not suffer a penalty.
    -You will receive items and so forth for successfully completing an event.
  • Randomly generated fields
  • Dynamic weather change system
  • Interrupt events may occur during a mission, such as killing a number of a certain enemy, or to save an ally from an enemy’s trap
  • A feature similar to PSU's room will be in PSO2, but details are unknown
  • Multiparty Areas:
    -Certain areas allow for up to 12 people to play together simultaneously.
    -However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you are limited to three parties of four people each.
    -For example, 12 individual solo players can all gather in these areas.
    -It is possible to reorganize your party in a multi-party area.
-Whether or not you receive EXP is determined by your range to an enemy.
-If you are within the enemy's range, you will receive EXP.
-If you are out of an enemy's range, you will not receive EXP.