5 aprile 2003

4 aprile 2003

Dire che i fomar rullano alla grande è dire poco! sono arrivato a cave in ultimate, e sonoa lv 66!!!!!!!!!
Dire che i fomar rullano alla grande è dire poco! sono arrivato a cave in ultimate, e sonoa lv 66!!!!!!!!!
oh finalmente ho trovato un buon teammate per challenge =] Ora ho portato mononoke fino a C2, certo ke è fatikoso -___-
Statistike CHAO x Bakke:


Per il chao devi avere tutte le statistike del mag a più di 35

Heart of Chao Chao Heart of Chao & All Stats > 35

strano sono a kasa da skuola, eppure di solito vado sempre :rolleyes:
azzo devo smetterla di perdermi tutte le RARE ke droppano i nemici rari, sarà già la 2° volta ke per kolpa di un kualke lag o kissà ke kosa, mi fottono sempre -____- Ma poi ke merdata è ke non si possono fare le foto nelle Quest, kazzo li ne ho visti un macello di mostri rari e neanke posso fotografarli :\ kmq mi pare sono a LV121 oggi abbiam provato di nuovo il challenge offline, ma è troppo difficile anke in 3 per farlo veloce se non si è esperti di PSO :\ pekkato kazo.

3 aprile 2003

ieri notte fortunata eh
lol spero di mettere apposto...:\
kazzo. Mi è saltata la korrente in kasa mi son kagato sotto, foertuna ke ero kol pg di challenge e kmq non stava salvando altrimenti ero fottuto.. ora ho paura di riaccendere il GameCube kon PSO non vorrei ke mi salta ankora e sta volta mi vada peggio :| kazzo kazzo kazzo kissà ke merda è stato adesso ke ci penso avevo anke il GBA SP in karika X___x meeerda ora kontrollo.

2 aprile 2003

Che sifga di merda...
umm se mi aspetti mi connetto verso le 10:30
LOLLa sono tornato a casa....ness se ci fossi potremmo fare chal :P
uf è difficile trovare gente brava per il challenge -____-

1 aprile 2003

um stavam facendo un bel challenge 1 e dopo la terza volta ke abbiam dovuto rifarlo, proprio verso la fine ci han skonnesso tutti ed ora i server sembrano irraggiungibili, forse stanno uppando le nuove lobby. Intanto grazie a kuesta pausa forzata mi son messo a far un paio di lavori su PC ke è da un po' ke non gli dedikavo tempo -____-
JUMPING BLUEBERRIES BATMAN!@ You're a HILDEBLUE! Your a giant jumping smurfy bear, people shake their head to make sure your really there. They might run for cover at first cause you?re so big and mean. But then they wanna put you on a stick cause your blue and cute, watch out for head hunters!

I am a Hildeblue to know what you are take the quiz here.

31 marzo 2003

Types of PSO Players and Playerettes:

l337 haX0r Duperz
These are the people that think they're cooler and better and love to rub it in your face
Shortcut Key Presets:
"j00 n00b!"
"I'm b3tt3r than j00 cuz I can sp33k l337"
"I hav3 5 guld millas!!! I swear they are legit!"

Santa Duper
Well, they might mean well by duping items and giving them to characters and I'm sure those receiving these items appreciate it... but it sort of ruins the game for people that are legit... after all, it's not a rare when everyone has one right? (unless it's a varista... geez)
Shortcut Key Presets:
"Free God Parts"
"Take these 5 made rare mags!"

Pretty self explainitory...
Shortcut Key Presets:

This has happened to me so there is a little sympathy... but not much. People that were corrupted, FSOD/FSODX that try and get stuff from you
Shortcut Key Presets:
"I need a good weapon! Lost all my stuff!"

In P2 and on battle ground they pick up as many items as they can w/o even looking at what they are or who they might belong to. They also don't care if the item is completely irrelevant to them (i.e. Android picking up fluids when there is a FO in the room) They are usually beggers as well.
Shortcut Key Presets:
*nothing, they are too busy picking up items

Supporto Fo
Everyone wants one on their team!
Shortcut Key Presets:
"What? I don't need to hit anything, I get exp. w/ j&z!"

Charity Hunter (philantropists??)
This is the Hunter that thinks not only of themselves. They have fun helping others and only wish for a "thank you" in return. They save technique disks or materials (after maxing of course) or high % weapons for low level characters
Shortcut Key Presets:
"Need Help Leveling?"
"Free items!"
"Need a new weapon?"

Keyboard Chatters
They take advantage of the fact they have a keyboard and most people don't. They dance in the visual lobby and the best are the ones that yell at beggars and whiners
Shortcut Key Presets:
*anything they want to!

Hardcore lvl Upers
THey can be fun to play w/ sometimes... other times it's just tedious, they ignore all items (except the occasional meseta... but only if it's on the path to the next room...)
Shortcut Key Presets:
*No talk, too... busy... shooting/casting/wacking enemies...

Creepy people
Before I go into my defenition, I'll first explain that I have made friends via PSO and talk to on AIM regularly... I think it's great meeting new people through PSO and making friends... but...
...what I mean by creepy people are the ones that hit on you! A guy I knew played a Hunewearl and he gets hit on all the time... but he also get a lot of free weapons...
Shortcut Key Presets:
"Wanna Cyber?"
"Got a Pic?"

These are sometimes dupers of some sort. They can frequently be found in trade rooms showing off all their items but w/ no intention of actually trading.
Shortcut Key Presets:
"Ur stuff sucks!"
"No Way!"
"Sho" (so they can later lol at you)

Old School PS Preachers
These are the people that are disappointed in PSO and insist no one is worthy of it unless they've played every PS game before. They usually tell you how much PSO sucks (even though they are usually high level)
Shortcut Key Presets:
"PSO is nothing compared to the old genesis games!"
"Bah, you call this an RPG?!"
"No, I don't mean Playstation"

They are constantly typing crap, sometimes to distract you so they can pick up items if it's during game play. In the visual lobby they'll play the same symbol chat over and over (very troll like) and are often combination of beggars and/or whiners
Shortcut Key Presets:
*Any thing over and over and over

Cute Tiny Girls
All the tiny HU/RA/FO girls so damn cute that u like them as fast as u see theyr's character. They have always some chat simbol with cats in them. Dont matter at what level they are, always get killed or heavely damaged by all enemys (rappy too -___-).
Shortcut Key Presets:
*cats cats cats

Uber Legits
As mentioned in posts below, it's the best and most genuine type of hunter. The one that believes in working for their level ups as well as their weapons or armor. They are cautious when trading (if at all) and avoid dupers at all costs
Shortcut Key Presets:
"Proud owner of a Varista!"
"All my items are legit, found them myself!"
"My eyes are bleeding, I've been online for 16 straight hours looking for a j-sword"

Immature Deity wannabe haX0rs
These are the kids that like to ruin other people's games. This person knows a person that hax0rz and got a few god parts and a good weapon and proceeds to kill everything in site before anyone else in the room gets a chance at it. There's little hope in losing them. They will also tell you how much you "suk" and how your weapon "sux" but won't offer you something better
Shortcut Key Presets:
*after killing you in battle mode*
*after reviving you in battle mode and killing you again before you even get to re-equipt your weapon*
*after reviving you in battle mode and killing you again before you even get to re-equipt your weapon*
*after reviving you in battle mode and killing you again before you even get to re-equipt your weapon*
"U SUK!!!!!!!!!"
*leaving you to die in battle mode
"Sorry, no Moons!"
"No Meseta to buy moons!"
"I'll revive you if you give me your Snow Queen!"

DBZ Wannabe
Usually plays on weekends when their parents let them, they are always almost short spikey haired Hunters with various mispellings of Goku, and Vegeta. These spammers however are equally stupid to the ratio of their spam. Which usually consist of constant dbz quotes like
"U R G.A.Y!!!1111 HAHAHA F A R T" (serious, I saw this one time O_o; )

Gamer fanboy/girl
This type consideres himself HARDCORE! This type will boast about playing everytype of system while not hesitating to diss any systems he thinks are inferior just because they happen to be made by Microsoft Usually has a character named after a classic SEGA, Nintendo, Capcom, or Squaresoft character. This type of gamer is actually really fun to play with, but unfortunatley, these types can have any of the bad types of players combined with them. Beware if you bash their game, they'll quickly turn evil on you and continue to spam you in any means nessicary. Typical quotes from this type are:

"Bill Gates can suck my $%#@"
"Take this Ganon!" (or substitute Ganon for any other villian)
"FINAL FANTASY insert number here RULES!!!"

Although many of us may not admit this, at one point or another, we were a newbie. Yep, it's true, even *I* was a newbie. These are the people that are just a little clueless, they don't know tricks like pressing start while running through hallways to keep from targetting traps or other general game play that has become second nature to many of us. They die often since they aren't familiar w/ the keys.
Shortcut Key Presets:
*None, they haven't quite figured that part out yet

so true ^_____^

30 marzo 2003

Lolla ^___^

questo topic è diventato il successore di "LEGGETE TUTTI" ?
speriamo almeno che rimanga up x sempre :P
Visto ke kuel server di merda non mi fa uppare le nuove foto sulla sezione gallery fino a ke non trovo la voglia di cerkarmi un nuovo server, uppo kui le ultime foto:

ahah bel quiz

merda ora kon l'ora legale non sto kapendo nulla, mi han pure tirato giù dal letto a mezzogiorno ke dovevamo uscire, ho dormito si e no 5-6 ore.. bha mi sa ke oggi mi ammasso sul divano e mi rilasso su Ragol -____-